xhayll florence Untitled

“I shout out loud your name inside my head so no one can own it except me.”
— florence RMTW


without offending.

— florence RMTW ♥
“Did you drank One Galloon of anaesthesia? Why are you so fucking numb?”
— florence RMTW♥

Paused. Seen. Scratches. Stitches.

Cuts and Burns. Slowly. Remarkable.

Venom. Incredible. Tears. Memories.

Sweet. Pains. Unfold.

Staring. Reflections. Good damn bold.

Living. Alive. Stories Untold.

- florence RMTW ♥

“My smile can trick you. I can make it believe I am alive, but my eyes wont Lie. Have you seen them dying in such pain looking afar?”
— florence RMTW ♥
“This impatient mind has a lot of shouts, I don’t know where the hell should I begin.”
— florence RMTW ♥
— © florence RMTW ♥

When you love
a person so much
You ignore their flaws;
You just accept them
with all the imperfections within,
because the heart acts as a filter
And All you see are the
goodness of their personality.

-© florence RMTW ♥

“What thoughts do you see,
at the back of your mind?
are they delicate;
or just ordinarily fine..”
— © florence RMTW ♥

I miss you

A little too deep

A little too high.

— © Florence RMTW